Goya Rangemaster

Goya Rangemaster1960’s Goya Rangemaster hollowbody guitar

This Goya Rangemaster is a striking example of the modern 60’s with these push button controls.  These semi-hollow body guitars were produced from 1967-1969 (I have not dissected this guitar for pot codes as important as I used to think they were for dating instruments) by EKO for Goya primarily in sunburst  with a Double Cutaway,  there are 2 offset double coil pickups  and of course those, cool button controls.

There is an issue with some veneer lifting mainly on the back of this guitar and a few places on the front top. This does not appear to be a problem from the standpoint of a sore thumb sticking out, but as a buyer you need to be aware of this. This guitar has been under protected collective storage for the last 7 years.  It does have a case, however, it is not original.