National Val-Pro 84

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National Val-Pro 84

This National Val-Pro 84 in White Resoglas is a beauty frozen in time (we were told 1962), with it’s Original Hard Shell Case. This guitar has the neck pickup and a hidden pickup in the bridge.

Most musicians are first attracted to them, no doubt, by the way they look. The body shape resembles a map of the United States. The National Val-Pro 84 was introduced in 1961 (they first made a catalog appearance in ’62) and were made only through 1964.

The guitar’s finish was sprayed first into a mold, which was then sprayed with Fiberglas before the finished half was unmolded. The two pieces (front and back) were screwed together with five screws entering from the back and going into blocks of maple glued to the inside of the body. Valco called the material Res-O-Glas–a combination of polyester resin and glass threads.

In 1962, the Val-Pro style came in three models–the Val-Pro 82, 84, and 88, along with the Val-Pro 85 bass–that were identical in hardware and ornamentation, but differed in the pickups and controls offered. The 84 (pictured here) had one single-coil pickup in the neck position, plus a transducer-type pickup built into the base of the bridge.