1975 Black Fender Jazz Bass

1975 Black Fender Jazz Bass1975 Black Fender Jazz Bass


This 1975 Fender Jazz Bass with its original Fender Case in A++ condition is a dream to play. Its always desirable and thought to be rare or fewer produced in the color of black. Weighing in at 10 pounds, which is remarkable for this era of Fender Bass.

Due to a previous owner (obviously an in experienced juvenile) having loosened the “bullet” truss rod nut beyond the end of the threaded portion of the truss rod, thus making the “bullet” nut thread back onto the rod impossible.  The truss rod “bullet” nut had to be reseated on the truss rod.  For this process the first fret marker was removed to perform the reseating of the “bullet” nut by an experienced Luthier.  Now it plays beautifully with a very low action. No harm was done to the finish of the neck or headstock.

It appears to have been lightly “played” and with the usual finish swirls and only a very few aging points.   The first fret marker. Crazing of the finish on the back of the body and a spot on the back of the neck near the treble side as the neck tapers to the headstock.

This bass even being 41 years old has seen very little use, as evidenced by its pristine original Fender case. I know this bass will be a joy to play and own in the right new home, or in the hands of a collector desiring a piece to complement their collection.

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Harmony H22 Bass

Harmony H22 is a 1967 model Sunburst Hollow Body Bass with the extra pickup switch for tone switching. This model was made by Harmony once one of the biggest instrument makers from 1892 until 1976 making guitars and basses under their own brand and for other retailers.  This bass is in unbelievable condition, we are still reeling from seeing this come out of the case, and why we haven’t enjoyed this beauty that we have had stashed away for 7 years, now it can be yours, take a step back into time… we cannot be sure if this is the original case, but it appears to be.


Fender Jazz Bass

1983 Fender Jazz Bass, in a Crème Finish.  There is an added Jazz Bass Bridge Cover that someone along the way put on the bass, other than that, it appears to be all there. It comes with the late 1970’s molded PVC Fender Case.